Dr. Michelle Bishop is a Fear Free Certified veterinarian in Brodheadsville, with special interests in ophthalmology and pain management to provide pets with excellent care throughout their lives.

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Dr. Michelle Bishop, Brodheadsville Fear Free Certified Veterinarian

Fear Free Certified Professional

What attracted you to vet medicine?

I was that kid who found the injured birds, chipmunks, and squirrels and brought them home to nurse them back to health.  But I knew I wanted to be a vet when I found my grandparent’s cat injured from a fish hook she was playing within the garage.  My dad helped me remove the hook from the cat’s foot and we nursed it until it was healed.  I knew then it would be my lifelong ambition to help animals that were unable to help themselves.    

What do you love most about your profession?

Of course, I love animals but I also love people when they are with their animals.  Somehow they are softer and kinder. It is a joy to meet new people and their furry family members.

Do you have any special interests?

I am certified Fear Free which I believe is so important to the practice of veterinary medicine.   Most people understand what is happening to them when they visit the doctor’s office, but our pets do not.  Making their experience a happy one, one that is as stress-free and as pain-free as possible, is a top priority during my exams.

Do you have other areas of vet medicine you love? 

I have special interests in ophthalmology and pain management. I am certified in canine rehabilitation, which can be helpful for those pets recovering from surgery and especially those older dogs whose mobility is starting to decline.

What are your goals when you meet clients and patients?

I strive to create a solid veterinary/client/patient bond that will begin at that first puppy/kitten visit and last throughout their lifetime.

What do you bring to Brodheadsville?

I bring 31 years of experience in Veterinary medicine, ranging  from small animal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, and canine rehabilitation.

What pets do you have?

My husband and I are the proud pet parents of a yellow Labrador Retriever, Aubrey,  and a beautiful rescued feline (the love of my life),  Selah–which means “to Pause (paws) and give Praise”!

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